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Life on Deck Summer 2018



During the summer of 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for American Cruise lines. The slogan of the company is "Small Cruising Done Perfectly". There are 10 ships that sail all over the coasts and rivers of the United states. The vessel I was assigned to, The American Constitution, was the largest ship holding a maximum of 185 passengers. This ship was only 5 decks tall, including staterooms, a dinning room, two lounges, and three outside decks. The Constitution sails up and down the East Coast throughout the year. Other ships sail on the entire ​East Coast, West Coast, to Alaska, and up and down the Mississippi River. The demographic of guests tend to be 55 to 90 year old, upper class individuals. 



Job Description

As a Housekeeper you will be living and working on one of our cruise ships while maintaining the cleanliness of our guest’s rooms and company property. As a key member of the team you will help to create and maintain an environment for our guests that is clean, safe, and attractive. On a daily basis you will be interacting directly with our guests throughout this role which could create a foundation for a future career in either the hospitality or the food and beverage industries. Please note that for this role there is no experience necessary. Once hired you will receive all of the training that is needed to make sure that you reach your highest potential. One of the best parts about this role is that all of these responsibilities take place while visiting a new and unique destination each day.

Requirements and Qualifications
  • American citizen or legally permitted to work in the U.S.

  • At least 18 years old

  • Must-Have High-School Diploma

  • Willingness to live and work aboard the ship

  • Optimism and a hardworking drive to succeed

  • Physically able to meet moderate demands, including lifting, bending, climbing, and long periods of standing or walking.

  • Cruise industry experience is NOT required

Note: The US Coast Guard requires a pre-employment drug test that includes tests for marijuana. In addition we are an alcohol free company.

Benefits and Opportunities
  • Earn Money – Pay ranges from $700 to $900 per week.

  • Minimal Expenses – your living expenses are all covered while onboard. It’s a dormitory-style environment.

  • Travel the Country - We visit 30 states on our different cruises and travel through the most beautiful areas in our country.

  • Hospitality Experience – This is a strong foundation for a career in the hospitality industry and a way to build your resume.

  • Upward Mobility – After your rotation, you may apply for full time roles in either shipboard management or corporate positions.


My biggest achievement was finishing my 10 weeks working on the boat. Life on the vessel is challenging, but worth it. I learning customer service, teamwork, and how to push myself. I found a whole new work ethic in myself, as well as patience and commitment. I came out of this internship with confidence as I apply for a future career in hospitality.

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